Kid-Friendly Search Engines and How They Help

One of the challenges of parents today is to weigh the pros and cons of giving their kids Internet freedom. Most adults do understand that restricting children’s access to the Internet can hamper their learning and development. On the other hand, this also means exposure to threats and information that may be too much for them to handle. This is where kid-friendly search engines come into play.

The following are five big reasons to let your children use only kid-friendly search engines from now on:

Cyber Protection

Cybercrime is a multibillion-dollar business. Organizations devoted to cybercrime use abhorrable methods of exploiting people’s poor online ways. According to a recent survey, cybercrime has victimized no less than 689 million people in the last four years. As a child’s developing brain quests to learn more, they may end up on websites that encourage risky online behavior, such as unknowingly revealing too much personal information, which could spell danger for themselves and people around them.

Time Management

Spending too much time online, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, is not only a huge waste of time but also a reason to develop poor posture, eyesight, and sleeping habits, not to mention it leads to a serious lack of physical activity in children. As a parent, enforce a healthy lifestyle by ensuring that your children’s screen time is spent accessing safer, more worthwhile places online – a job that kid-friendly search engines are cut out to do.

Online Repute

When kids end up in unsafe places on the Internet, they may attract the attention of scammers that can cause issues later on. ). With a kid-friendly search engine, you can take at least a step in protecting your child’s online reputation by limiting his Internet searches to where it is not dangerous.

Data Backup

Your children will likely rely on the Internet for a good chunk of their projects and assignments, so they need a safe place where they can save backups of their digital stuff. What’s great is that several kid-friendly search engines also provide backup services. And since these search engines nearly never link to harmful websites, materials saved here are automatically more secure as well.

Internet Ethics

Lastly, as a parent in this digital age, you need to help your child navigate the web guided by the same etiquette as expected from them in the offline world. Online or offline, they have to understand the importance of positive behavior. A relatively easy way of doing this is by having them use kid-friendly search engines that work with the right filters so that they can only access websites that are in line with cyber etiquette.

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