Roles of Exercise Nutrition Diet in Fighting Parkinson’s

Regular exercise and good nutrition is known to have positive effects on everyone’s health through increased blood circulation, heartbeat, and body detoxification among other things. These two can have several benefits on individuals with Parkinson’s disease, and is helping them live more comfortable lives. Exercise nutrition diet ensures they remain healthy and strong, which is crucial to fighting this disease. For someone suffering from this disease, modifying the diet and the exercise routine helps in; slowing the progress of the condition, and keeping them healthy longer. Both the nutrition diet and regular exercise have different roles to play improving their quality of life as you will find out below.

Constipation is a common problem for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease due to a slowdown of the digestive system. This can have mild or severe effects depending on its extent, but can be combated by making a few changes in the diet. Adding foods rich in fiber like fresh fruits, vegetables, and drinking plenty of fluids can help in avoiding constipation. Apart from constipation, there is also the problem of dehydration, usually caused in the medications used to treat this disease. Given the severe consequences of dehydration like tiredness and balance issues; including plenty of fluids in the diet helps in dealing with the disease.

Medication interaction is another health problem associated with Parkinson’s disease that can be solved by the nutrition diet. The foods consumed by these patients usually more effects on their health than they know. Eating a high protein food is known to disrupt the absorption of the drug used to treat this disease as it is absorbed in the small intestine. The best thing to do in this case is to modify your diet so that the high-protein meal is not taken at the same time as the drug.

In addition to making changes to your diet, you shouldn’t forget about physical exercise because it can make the biggest impact in your fight against the disease. Physical exercise is probably the best way to slow the progression of the disease that is why you need to get your heart pumping. Regular cardiovascular exercise is known to improve balance, strength, and motor coordination, all of which are known to reduce with the progression of the disease. Exercise is beneficial because it works out the brain, helping it to maintain neuroplasticity; maintaining the old connections and creating new ones with the neurons in your brain.

Keeping patients healthy and active is essential to fighting the Parkinson’s disease, even as most of them become more cautious and fearful of tripping or falling as the disease progresses. Anything that gets to keep a patient on their feet is helpful in fighting this disease, and that is why routine activities like shopping, yard work, and washing the dishes is encouraged among them. Instead of being afraid of losing their balance and falling or dropping things, these routine exercises help in delaying the degeneration of the motor symptoms. Exercise nutrition diet is beneficial in the fight against the Parkinson’s disease in the ways discussed above.

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