All You Need to Know About Leathernecks Motorcycle Club

Motorcycle clubs are not for everybody, but if you like being on the road, rocking that leather, then you will find the experience quite enriching and satisfying. However, for decades, there has been a negative perception of motorcycle clubs. Many perceive them as associations of unruly riders who adore an outlaw lifestyle. Although they exist, such clubs only account for one percent of the motorcycle clubs in the US. The 99 percent who make up the majority, are law-abiding citizens who use such biking association as an avenue of strengthening social ties, supporting friends and for therapeutic purposes; more so, those struggling with depression.

One such decent motorcycle clubs is the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club. This biking organization is no ordinary club. It is made of a special breed of people who have sacrificed their lives for others to enjoy the sovereignty and peace a nation has. Leathernecks Motorcycle Club is comprised of ex-servicemen as well as active servicemen, whether it is the Marine Corps or the FMF Navy Corpsmen. However, it is not affiliated to the separate military units or any government organization. Instead, it a civilian association established to offer these special men a place to show the love and dedication to the brotherhood seen in the Corps and also mere love of being on the road with the wind rubbing through your face. If you are an active or ex-member of either of groups, you should consider joining the bike club and have an experience of your life. Below are some benefits you can attain from a membership to the club.

The group will offer you a sense of brotherhood that continues the bond that exists among active servicemen. After retiring, most of the servicemen tend to feel lack of the intangibles present in military life. You are alienated from the family you formed that was beyond blood. However, the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club ensures that tie established around steel and speed is not gone. You will not feel detached from society because you will be around people you know. The good thing is that this brotherly bond is almost natural and you don’t need time to establish despite the ranking one may have or the different regiment people were in. The good thing is that ranking has no effect on the group because all members are equal and you can see things from the same view-point. It alienates the stress involved when you are outside active duty as brotherhood experienced is similar to what you used to have.

Typically, the military is governed by traditions, some of which are unwritten. However, we all can attest that all disciplinary forces exhibit a sense of order and organization. Getting assimilated in such a system makes an individual grow into a disciplined person ruled by order. The setting may be different from civilians in other professions which may not be suitable for servicemen because they will have a sense of belong. A motorcycle club like the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club ensures that there is still a decent set of regulations which allow people to carry themselves with a purpose.

Apart from giving members the camaraderie and the like-mindedness found in the Marine Corps, the club also offers the brave men a platform to pursue their love for the two-wheels. For those that have ridden bikes before, they understand how exhilarating the adrenaline-pumping experience of being on the road is. You share the same interest being in the force together and also the love for motorcycles.

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